Travel & Adventure 2x52’ 110’

Cuba, Embracing Its Future

In half a century, the world has become urbanised, digitised, and cosmopolitan. Everywhere, a part from Cuba. Left behind the rest of the world for almost 60 years, the island has managed to adapt and assert its uniqueness, its identity. The historical reconciliation between Cuba and the United States and the recent lifting of the embargo are an invitation for us to re-discover this mythical island.

Is Cuba the sanctuary of Caribbean culture? Has its heritage been better preserved or, on the contrary, has it been deteriorated?

From the traditional Tumba Francesca dancers and the organic agronomists in Havana, to the cigar manufacturers and scientists who are anxious to preserve the island’s unique biodiversity, this documentary takes us to meet those who on a daily basis uphold the Cuban way of life, a mixture of asserted heritage and of the symbol of a society that is turned to face its future.

Direction: Pierre Belet

Production: ZED for France Télévisions and Voyage

Languages: French, English

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