XR 20'


2030. After the success of the first Artemis missions, including Artemis III, which saw mankind return to the Moon, you are part of the next crew due to embark for the Moon.


However, a few months before your departure, your commander Mandy Bauer, who was the first woman to walk on the Moon, finally announces her intention to stay on Earth. Why this radical choice from one of the pioneers of lunar exploration? For the first time, Mandy Bauer will recount in detail the first days of her lunar exploration. Relive with her this intimate and extraordinary experience, as close as possible to the scientific discoveries she made.


With ONCE ON A BLUE MOON, embark on a great lunar odyssey, to better look down on Earth.

ONCE ON A BLUE MOON is a collective VR experience for a group of six simultaneous participants.

Direction: Léa Ducré

Production: ZED, Small Creative & One Way Films

Languages: French, English

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