Travel & Adventure 2x45' 80'


The dry season is coming to an end as begins the month of May in India. Like every year, the country is preparing for the upcoming monsoon. From the shores of the Indian Ocean to the foothills of the Himalayas, we observe the effects of a climatic phenomenon that has set the pace of human life for thousands of years.


The temperature gap between the land and the ocean has widened. Soon, winds bring moisture-laden clouds over the country which spread their torrential rains from south to north.

Throughout the country, the monsoon is at once feared and hoped for. Too strong and it could wash away villages, rot or destroy crops. Too weak, and crops will fail, causing shortages and price hikes. The monsoon is a gigantic process that brings together the populations of India every year, and is a key to understanding what unites them beyond their religious, cultural, social and geographical differences.


Combining spectacular images of India's landscapes - both dry and lush - with the testimonies of its inhabitants, this documentary analyzes the repercussions of an impressive meteorological phenomenon.

Direction: Sturla Gunnarsson

Production: Point du Jour & Intuitive Pictures for ARTE France & Radio-Canada

Languages: French, English

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