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The birdwoman's dream

One of the highest summits in the Alps and in Europe, located between Italy and Switzerland, the Matterhorn appears completely inaccessible… lonely and fierce. Since she has learned to fly, Géraldine Fasnacht, a wingsuit pilot, nurtures a dream: to be the first wingsuit pilot to fly off the top of this mountain. 

Technological and technical advances have enabled her, along with her friend Julien Meyer, to achieve this world premiere. But the ever changing weather conditions delay the completion of the project which is extremely dangerous. For a whole year, they meticulously prepared this unique feat to avoid undue risk. 

The Birdwoman’s Dream takes us behind the scenes of the preparation of this incredible challenge. With the help of the latest technology, Google earth, laser, GPS and the finest calculation software, our two heroes analyze the mountain and take a series of training jumps in order to study the difficulty of such a feat… Until they achieve their goal.

Direction: Rinaldo Marasco & Jérôme Piguet

Production: Buonasera Productions


awards & festivals

  • 42th Icare Cup Film Festival

    Icare Price of the Exploit

  • La Rochelle Adventure Film Festival

    Official Selection

  • Explorer Festival

    Official Selection

  • Grenoble Mountain Cinema Encounters

    Official Selection

  • Banff Mountain Film Festival

    Official Selection

  • Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival

    Official Selection

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