Science 7x52'


More than 50 years after man's first steps on the Moon, space continues to inspire. Thanks to great technological progress and led by new private players, the exploration of the outer reaches of the solar system has never been so limitless: a new trip to the Moon, a manned mission to Mars or the exploration of exoplanets are among the programs that promise to push back the frontiers of space exploration.


Combining CGI, archives and interviews, this series explores the latest advances in a booming sector. An overview of the major space missions that will redefine the frontiers of humanity in the decades to come.

  • Episode 1: Asteroids and Comets
  • Episode 2: Mars 2020
  • Episode 3: Commercial Crew Program
  • Episode 4: Return to the Moon
  • Episode 5: James Webb Space Telescope
  • Episode 6: Orbit
  • Episode 7: Event Horizon

Direction: Evan Clark

Production: Broken Arrow Media

Languages: French, English

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