Human Stories 13x26’

Lands of Legends

Today exists ethnic minorities whose daily lives continue to bear witness to contemporary myths : these legends are their faith, and the animals, their gods.

From the Indonesian horsemen of Sumba Island to the wild elephant tamers of the Vietnamese forest, this collection reveals the most wondrous of beliefs which unite man and animal in the spectacular, thousand-year old fulfilment of a magical destiny.                                                 

  • Pearl Diving (Indonesia)
  • Sacred Yak Of Mani Rimdu (Nepal)
  • Sacred Crocodiles Of Lake Anivorano (Madagascar)
  • Sacred Flamingos of Lake Bhamke (India)
  • The Night of Silver Helmets (Taiwan)
  • The Riders of Sumba Island (Indonesia)
  • The Salmon People (Canada)
  • Soul Bearers (Indonesia)
  • The Mermaids of Lake Sebu (Philippines)
  • The Twins of Lake Tempe (Indonesia)
  • Ema, Child of the Forest (Philippines)
  • The Cobra Brotherhood (Morocco)
  • Fishermen of the Full Moon (Madagascar)

Direction: Vincent Gremillon, Jean-Michel Corillon, Benoît Ségur & Olivier Roussin

Production: La Cinquième / AB Productions / ZED

Languages: French, Arab, Brazilian Portuguese, Español, Italian, Polish, English

awards & festivals

  • International Film Festival of Toulon (France)

    Public Award - The Cobra Brotherhood

  • International Film Festival of Toulon (France)

    Best Exploration Film - Soul Bearers

  • Nature & Environmental Film Festival of Grenoble (France)

    Jury Awards - The Salmon People

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