Human Stories 66’

Once upon a time in the West… of Africa

This is the story of a small square in Porto-Novo (Benin), home to four religions, seven languages, ten ethnicities and all social classes. In a region of Africa more than ever prone to interethnic and inter-religious tensions, a simple spark could start the fire. However, in Attake square, far from the fratricidal wars, people live happily together. Their secret? From the youngest to the oldest, they play… petanque together!

From sunrise to sunset, petanque players from all walks of life meet up, talk, bicker, laugh... A passion that peaks at the big "Petanque Tournament of the Meteor Club", created in 1956 by an apprentice mechanic. "Mr. Adjovi", as he is respectfully called here, is now 82 years old and the soul of the square: honorary president of the Meteor Club, the petanque club of the place, guardian of the voodoo temple and emeritus player.

Welcome to the most surreal modern western, welcome by Simon Aïdekon Adjovi, known as "Nene", 82 years old and former king of petanque… In short, welcome to Attake square, on the eve of the opening of the big "Petanque Tournament of the Meteor Club".

Direction: Romain Potocki

Production: ZED for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • Cotonou International Digital Cinema Festival

    Official selection

  • Docs MX Festival

    Official selection

  • DOC Valencia

    Official selection

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