Nature 3x52'


Rising sea levels, advancing desert, deforestation of the equatorial jungle, threats to wildlife - climate change concerns us all, but those whose lives are directly impacted by the effects of global warming are often on the other side of the world.


The inhabitants of the Congo basin forest, essential to the world, that is slowly being destroyed by mankind. Or those of the Sahara, the planet's largest desert, which is constantly expanding due to rising temperatures and dwindling rainfall. Or in India, particularly in the Bay of Bengal, threatened by dangerously rising sea levels. 


This three-part documentary series brings us closer to the reality of the people living in these delicate and fragile ecosystems, shedding light on the causes and consequences of a looming humanitarian and environmental catastrophe.

  • Congo: threat to the rainforest
  • Bay of Bengal: resisting the ocean
  • Sahara: desert fighters

Direction: Guy Lagache & Guillaume Viart

Production: Flair Production

Languages: French

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