Nature 4K 52'


“We destroy our environment while plants improve theirs. In the end, who’s the most intelligent?” These are the words of Francis Hallé, an exceptional botanist. A specialist of tropical forests, this man has spent a lifetime scouring the globe in search of a little-known plant world.


Today, he’s off to Costa Rica. There, he meets up with Matthieu Griffon, a young Frenchman working to protect and reintroduce an endangered species: the green macaw. Together, they embark on a philosophical and scientific stroll through the lush and precious Costa Rican forests.


As they explore the region, Francis Hallé reveals to his young apprentice the many secrets of its exceptional biodiversity. From primary forests to nature reserves, they also meet the local populations who maintain a harmonious, respectful bond with nature.

Direction: Pierre-Marie Hubert

Production: Mona Lisa Production & Nature Eau Scope for Ushuaïa TV

Languages: French

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