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Inside the SS

Inside the SS is the full story of the Third Reich’s deadliest paramilitary organization told by the men who served in it.

From its creation, with only 20 young men serving as Hitler’s bodyguards in the 1920’s to 800,000 men spreading terror across Germany and occupied Europe in 1944, the film retraces the construction of Hitler’s fanatical killing machine. 

Based on previously unseen interviews and colourised archive footage the film helps us to understand the mechanisms of political radicalisation, and how thousands of men were able to pursue one ideological goal, without constraint or empathy for human kind.

Thanks to a 2 year Europe-wide investigation, Serge de Sampigny's film unmasks more than 20 wartime SS officers still alive today, who have agreed to speak openly about their roles inside the SS. An unprecedented documentary, that leads us on a journey into the depths of their souls and the madness of their actions. 

Direction: Serge de Sampigny

Production: Histodoc for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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