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Inanga: The sound of Rwanda

The year 1994 was marked by a devastating genocide. Amélie Mutarabayire Schafer’s family is amongst its many victims. Almost thirty years later, Amélie returns to Rwanda - her native country - to travel what she calls “the Inanga Road”. A musical and initiatory trip begins, promising to heal the wounds and restore harmony.


The Inanga spreads its melody throughout the history of Rwanda. Related to the zither, this traditional shield-shaped string instrument was once played at the royal court. During her journey, Amélie goes to meet the sculptors who make it, the musicians who play its strings, the poets and dancers who embellish its tune. In turn, Amélie learns to modulate its sounds. In a country which colonization deeply divided, this ancient - almost sacred - instrument becomes an oath of union and unison.


Interweaving the intimate and the collective, this film offers a moving journey which celebrates the culture of Rwanda. Dances, traditional songs and beautiful images of the Rwandan landscape magnify the rich musical repertoire of the “Inanga Road”. 

Direction: Chloé Henry-Biabaud

Production: ZED for ARTE France

Languages: French

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