Nature 28x26’ & 28x45'

Green Paradise

From Brazil to Sri Lanka, explore the most beautiful natural paradises in the world, preserved thanks to the dedication of local populations. In each film, we meet the inhabitants of these areas who have developed small businesses to welcome visitors in their environment. Another form of tourism is born: sustainable tourism. These travellers respect local cultures and are eager for authenticity. Green Paradise tells us the story of devoted inhabitants who manage to benefit from this new form of tourism and conserve their traditional way of life. They dedicate themselves to the protection of their natural heritage by resisting mass tourism.

Discover ten destinations around the world, where local economies successfully help to protect natural resources and wildlife diversity.

Season 1:

  • Brazil: A preserved beauty
  • Mexico: A Desert Between Two Seas
  • Chile: Desert Voices
  • Madagascar: A multifaceted Land
  • Egypt: Water and sand
  • South Africa: A rainbow nation
  • Sri Lanka: The Emerald Isle
  • Laos: Along the Mekong
  • Australia: From the ocean to the vine
  • French Polynesia: Blue Lagoon

Season 2:

  • Dominican Republic: Caribbean Treasure
  • Chile: in a gentle and savage land
  • Morocco: the magic of the great South
  • Palau: the Coral Republic
  • Seychelles: Nature's dream
  • Costa Rica: a pure Nature
  • New Caledonia: the red Island with a green heart
  • Oman: Happy Arabia
  • Indonesia: the wild isles
  • Tasmania: the island of the age of the World

Season 3:

  • Australia: In the majestic East
  • Namibia : Faunas and sands
  • Philippines: The unknown archipelago
  • The Bahamas: The heart of the ocean 
  • Fiji: Perfume of islands
  • Mozambique: A African paddle
  • Belize: Between jungle and coral
  • Brasil: Wild water

Direction: Denis Bertrand, Pascal Sarragot, Salvatore Guadagnino, Jean Froment, Pascal Luzeux, Philippe Prigent, Pascal Vasselin, Laurent Chalet & Jean Boggio Pola

Production: MAHA, What's up Films & ARTE G.E.I.E.

Languages: French, Spanish, German, Neutral Spanish, Russian, English

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