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Georgia: Keepers of the Mountains

In the remote mountains of Georgia, Tusheti, lives a people of shepherds. In winter, only a handful of them remain in the heights, cut off from the world until spring. They are the keepers of this unique place, attached to their land and the wilderness that surrounds them.
Photographer Grégoire Eloy embarks on a journey to meet them during this season. He wants to capture the atmosphere of this very special region, and to understand its history. Through a range of photographic techniques (photograms, silver portraits, and live photos), he draws a dreamlike and sensitive portrait of Tusheti and its guardians.
Direction: Sibylle d’Orgeval & Grégoire Eloy
Production: ZED for ARTE France

awards & festivals

  • Les Rendez-Vous de l'Aventure

    Official selection

  • Festival du films Pastoralismes et Grands Espaces

    Official selection

  • FIFAV La Rochelle

    Official selection

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