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Let's focus on the dream castles and palaces in Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and South Tyrol! The magnificent buildings and their stories are closely interwoven, yet stand completely on their own. They all bear witness to a common cultural history, which is nevertheless diverse and colorful in itself.


From the magnificent castles in the Marchfeld region to the spectacular and historic fortified castles in the Mühlviertel, the journey leads along numerous castles and palaces to the Czech Republic, in Austria, from Joglland to western and southern Styria to Slovenia and Burgenland, South Tyrol and Slovenia. The buildings are as diverse as their history. Today, the houses are being revitalized - whether as hotels or residences - but always refer to the past.


Here and there, people live and work who are committed to their houses and preserve the memory of local history. The documentary series impresses with its varied themes, impressive images and offers the perfect combination of culture and history!

Season 3

  • Episode 1: Castles & Palaces of the Marchfeld
  • Episode 2: Castles & Palaces of the Eastern Waldviertel
  • Episode 3: Castles & Palaces of the Western Waldviertel
  • Episode 4: Castles & Palaces from Weinviertel to Czech Republic
  • Episode 5: Castles & Palaces from Wachau to Mostviertel
  • Episode 6: Castles & Palaces from Styria to Slovenia
  • Episode 7: Castles & Palaces in South Tyrol
  • Episode 8: Castles & Palaces of the Danube Region
  • Episode 9: Castles & Palaces of the Mühlviertel
  • Episode 10: Castles & Palaces from Salzkammergut to Kremstal


Season 4

(Delivery: December 2024)

  • Episode 1: Castles & Palaces in Upper Austria
  • Episode 2: Castles & Palaces in Tyrol
  • Episode 3: Castles & Palaces in Šibenik
  • Episode 4: Castles & Palaces in Split
  • Episode 5: Castles & Palaces in Dubrovnik

Direction: Alfred Ninaus & Fritz Aigner

Production: RANFILM for ORF

Languages: German, English

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