Art & Culture 9x52'

Châteaux of France, Living Splendours

French Palaces immerses us in the universe of some historical figures such as Francis I, Leonardo da Vinci and Catherine de Medici, but also introduces us to those who continue to keep France’s great chateaus alive today. Historians, curators, caretakers, landscape gardeners, artists and researchers have made these medieval gems their daily work and their passion. They guide us behind the scenes of these magical places to discover paintings, multicolored garden mosaics and priceless furniture.

Nowadays, an extensive cultural program is played out against the backdrop of these mythical chateaus. Contemporary art installations, exhibitions by great photographers, concerts, ephemeral garden displays: all the ingredients are combined to preserve this world cultural heritage.

- Au pays de Chinon

- Le Château d'Azay-le-rideau, Miroir de la Renaissance

- Le Château de Saumur, Dames et Chevaliers

- Le Château de Blois, Les Festins de la Renaissance

- Le Château d'Amboise, l'Esprit de la Renaissance

- Le Château d'Angers, Les Anges de l'Apocalypse

- Le Château de Villandry

- Le Château de Chaumont sur Loire

- Le Château de Cheverny

Direction: Olivier Hennegrave, Delphine Oger, Bernard Germain

Production: MC4

Languages: French, English

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