Investigation & Politics 52’ 90’

Vino Business

Hidden behind the prestigious labels of our greatest wines are all the ingredients of a pitiless world of rivalries, intrigue and back-stabbings. If oil is black gold, wine is the red gold of today.

Our top wines have abandoned their outdated charm, and metamorphosed into real blockbusters that change hands at fabulous prices on a globalised marketplace.

For the first time ever, over the course of a year, cameras have penetrated this inner, closed circle to follow its workings, denounce its excesses and reveal the way it functions.

We see the world of wine as never before, with its complexity, its amazing knowhow – but also all its most embarrassing secrets. Pesticides in our finest wines? Suspect classifications? “Appellations” with mysterious criteria?

This is an in-depth look into the maze of this world, where critics have become like courtesans, and where “winemakers” have taken the place of winegrowers.

Direction: Isabelle Saporta & Damien Vercaemer

Production: NILAYA Production

Languages: French, English

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