Travel & Adventure 14x26'

Discover the world

From the Sahara to California and from Tamanrasset to Berlin, Discover the World takes us on a fantastic journey to meet the peoples, traditions and some of the most beautiful sites on our planet.


In just a few minutes, each episode of the series immerses us in an atmosphere, a festival, an activity or a landscape selected for its representative character of the country.


Flying over the Marrakesh region in a hot-air balloon or criss-crossing the American national parks along Route 66 engraves unforgettable images in the memory. The same is true when the camera captures the expressions of Saharan dancers or the joie de vivre of Sunday dancers in Santa Fe.

Season 2

  • Algeria, from the Mediterranean to the Sahara
  • Algeria, on the shores of the Mediterranean
  • Berlin, past and present
  • Berlin, living with history
  • Discoveries around Marrakech
  • Route 66, heading for the American West
  • Morocco, from the Atlantic to the Atlas Mountains
  • Route 66: the road to discovery
  • Route 66: Western villages and the Pacific Ocean
  • Route 66, the route of American heritage

Season 3 

  • California - Pacific Coast, Big Sur to Los Angeles
  • USA - Pacific Coast, Oregon to California via Route 101
  • USA - Pacific Coast, Seattle to Oregon
  • USA - Pacific routes, from San Francisco to Big Sur

Direction: Pierre Brouwers

Production: MEDIA 9

Languages: French, English

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