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By the proximity of the subject, the period or the form, the "Connections" collection brings together two artworks and, through them, two painters. Some artists dialogue with the great masters of the past, others influence each other at the same time and sometimes in the same city, and still others share in their own way a singular vision of the world. For if the artwork is original, it has origins. The history of art is consteleted by achievements done by influences and inspirations, visible or ignored.

With the "Connections" collection, the aim is to show how works of art are in permanent dialogue with the present, past and future world. To show that creation is not "innate", that it participates in a world, that it short- circuits time, that it is born somewhere and that it weaves mysterious links with history.

  • Picasso X Poussin (Eve Ramboz)
  • Bacon X Vélasquez (Annie Dautane & Eve Ramboz)
  • Rothko X Monet (Annie Dautane & Eve Ramboz)
  • Banksy X Géricault (Annie Dautane)

Direction: Annie Dautane, Eve Ramboz

Production: Calm for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • Worldfest Houston International Film Festival

    Best short documentary award - Connexions : Rothko x Monet

  • Luminous Frames - Danemark

    Best Documentary Award - Connexions: Banksy X Géricault

  • Toronto Independant Festival of CIFT - Canada

    Official selection - Connexions : Bacon x Vélasquez

  • Toronto Independant Festival of CIFT - Canada

    Finalist - Connexions: Banksy X Géricault

  • Indie Short Awards (Cannes) - France

    Best Documentary Award - Connexions: Banksy x Géricault

  • Documentaria - Italy

    Official selection - Connexions: Banksy x Géricault

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