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Edixon, Dissandra and Wuilly live in one of the poorest and most dangerous districts in the city of Valencia (Venezuela): Las Brisas. For these three children, music is a means of escape.


“An impoverished child becomes spiritually rich through music”. These are the words of José Antonio Abreu which created in 1975 “El Sistema”, a music education program for Venezuelan youth. Edixon, Dissandra and Wuilly are part of it. Their dream? To one day play within a symphony orchestra. For 10 years, we follow the daily life of these young musicians driven by determination, dreams and the hope for a better life.


With this triptych documentary, Marianela Maldonado delivers a poignant, sincere and delicate chronicle, where the intimate and the collective echo each other. By filming the lives of these children and their families, she brings to light the entire history of her country.  

Direction: Marianela Maldonado

Production: Invento Films, coproduced with Point du Jour, Les Films du Balibari & Mosaic Films

Languages: French, English

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