Travel & Adventure 5x52’


Carnival(s) takes us to meet a spectacular tradition, Carnival. This urban celebration witnesses the strong relationship between the city and its inhabitants. Discovering five typical carnivals in five different countries, the series is a unique occasion of meeting the culture and the history of a population.

The collection Carnival(s), both a sensorial experience and an immersion, offers a journey inside the world of carnival, a complex symbolism of traditions and heritages.

It tells us about the cultural and anthropological value of carnivals, and sheds light on the technical apparatus developed to enable this tradition. The sense of celebration is rendered through colors, sounds and dances. Paying attention to the intimate perspectives of emblematic characters, the directors take us at the heart of the party and its emotions.

  • Carnaval in Barbagia, The Collective Blaze (Sardinia, Italy)
  • Carnaval in Salvador de Bahia, Black Beauty (Brazil)
  • Carnival in Oruro, The Sacred Dance (Bolivia)
  • Carnival in Villigen, The Fifth Season (South Germany)
  • Carnival in New Orleans, A Mardi Gras Mosaic (USA)

Direction: Luis Miranda, Attilio Cossu, Juan Lozano, François Rabaté & Anja Unger

Production: Un Film à la Patte, L'envol & ARTE

Languages: French, English

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