Science 52'

Touch the Music

This is the story of a blind Chinese flutist, and her quest to play in a world leading symphony orchestra. With a mix of smart technology and utter determination it just may work. But it has never been attempted before. 

Touch the Music follows Wu Jing along two parallel storylines. One is her life and development from a blind girl in the world of rural China to a gold medal winning Paralympic sprinter – to a professional musician now residing in Stockholm, Sweden. The other is a bold experiment lead by inventor Ellen Sundh to develop a communication link that will enable Wu Jing to ”see” the conductor and play with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. 

But both the orchestra members and the conductor are skeptical. Can they be turned around? Will Wu Jing’s dream come true?

Production: ZED & Deep Sea Productions

Directed by: Lotta Hellman & Ric Wasserman

Languages: French, English

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