Travel & Adventure 5x52' 5x90'


France, Germany, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom. By travelling through five destinations from dusk to dawn, this series depicts today’s Europe while questioning its future.


For one day, we travel through a major European power to examine its particularities, changes and divisions – from saturated cities to deserted territories, from rural areas to industrial zones, passing by historic centers. In five episodes, this series examines the situation of the continent in the light of its current and future challenges (sustainable development, energy transition, population displacement…).


Through the combination of spectacular aerial images, interactive maps and numerous citizens’ testimonies, this series offers a historical and geographical journey that outlines the Europe of tomorrow.

Episode 1 : A day in France

Episode 2 : A day in Germany

Episode 3 : A day in Spain

Episode 4 : A day in Italy

Episode 5 : A day in the United-Kingdom

Direction: Roland Théron, Élise Darblay, Vassili Silovic, Jean-Philippe Urbach & Timothée Janssen

Production : Point du Jour & ARTE France

Languages: French, English

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