History 52'

Inside the spanish civil war

October, 1938. The Spanish Civil War had been raging between Republicans and Nationalists for two years when the photographer Jean Moral and the reporter Joseph Kessel were sent by Paris Soir and Match to cover the conflict. They stayed on the ground for 10 days, during which they tried to reach Madrid, at the time under siege, its population hungry yet holding out.


In the form of a diary, this documentary recounts the journey of these two men. Through their eyes, we experience the last days of Republican Spain. Kessel and Moral capture the distress and the honor of the ordinary people, the playful insouciance of children, the raw courage of the Spanish soldiers and the international volunteers, and the terrible anguish of separated families.


Moral’s photographs, along with some incredible archive footage, immerse us in a decisive moment in history, which would see the Spanish people entering the long, dark period of dictatorship.

Direction: Patrick Jeudy

Production: What's Up Films

Languages: French, English

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