Wings over Antarctica 52' by David F. Miralles et Marc Martinez


Toni, Santi and Alvaro, three professional skydivers face the ultimate challenge: flying over Antarctica - a feat that nobody had achieved before. The only previous attempt, by a US team, ended in tragedy.

The project is extremely risky for the team members: hypoxia and hard weather conditions can lead to dangerous situations. At a height of 4100m, the temperature is minus 94°C and the body may lack of oxygen. During the 3 minutes of flight, the wind speed changes regularly, and the pressure too. To succeed, the team has to be very well prepared, physically and mentally. Doctors and scientists will follow them during 6 months and will train them to be better concentrated, coordinated and more resistant. At 180km an hour, a mistake can easily lead to death.

Beyond the adventure, this film tells the story of three men that dream to achieve one of the most primal human desires: to feel the exhilarating freedom of birdlike flying.


Direction: David F. Miralles & Marc Martinez

Production: MEDIA 3.14 for Televisio de Catalunya / Rush HD

Genre: Travel & Adventure

Available versions: Castellano, English

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