Weaving the World: A Journey With The Masters 5x52’ by Jill Coulon & Isabelle Dupuy-Chavanat


For a very long time, craftsmanship seemed to belong to another age, another world. People had been hand-weaving fabrics for generations, using ancient methods, sometimes like well-guarded secrets. Over time, those ancestral techniques gave them an international reputation in the world of luxury and Haute Couture.

Between tradition and modernity, this series relates five destinies - five exceptional craftspeople across the globe. All of them produce the rarest and finest textiles: cashmere in Mongolia, yak hair in Tibet, plant fibers in Japan, silk in Laos or cotton in India.

Each episode takes us to discover their country, their daily life and share the reality of their societies to meet those who weave bonds between ancestral techniques and contemporary design. Through their work, they build bridges between cultures and continents. A colorful and sensitive voyage that plunges us into breathtaking landscapes, offering a journey inside their world.



Production: ARTURO MIO / ARTE G.E.I.E

Directed by: Isabelle Dupuy Chavanat & Jill Coulon

Genre: Travel & Adventure

Available versions: French, English


Episode 1 : India

Episode 2 : Mongolia

Episode 3 : Japan

Episode 4 : Tibet

Episode 5 : Laos


"Mongolia" Episode - Festival Escales Voyageuses
Official Selection
"Laos" Episode - International Film Festival of Asian Cinemas
Official Selection
"Japan" Episode - Trace de Vie
Official Selection
"Japan" Episode - Curieux Voyageur Festival
Official Selection
"Japon" Episode - Festival International des Films des Métiers d'Arts
Official Selection
"Tibet" Episode - Quai du Départ Festival
Official Selection

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