Human Stories 12x52'

Connecting Traditions

All around the world, mankind perpetuates traditions, passing down skills and a way of life to future generations. Whether this involves rituals or mastery of techniques, handing down customs is a way of reinforcing the identity and singularity of a group of individuals in keeping with their lifestyle and their environment.

Through the discovery of some exceptional locations, Alexandre Mostras leads us on an encounter with the last guardians of a unique heritage. In a first-person travelogue, he recounts the simple tale of a community and the importance of inter-generational transmission that plays a direct role in the survival of its culture.

A photographer by training, the director captures the stunning beauty of the landscapes and offers us an almost dreamlike journey, in which he artfully illustrates the great fragility of our cultural heritage.

  • Veins of the Desert (Algeria)
  • The Spirit of the Rice Field (Japan)
  • The Mystery of Naive Lands (Croatia)
  • Rendez-Vous with the Dead (Mexico)
  • Roots Men (New Caledonia)
  • Sand and Foam (Oman)
  • The Land of the Butterfly Horse (Argentina)
  • The Season of Long Grass (Romania)
  • The People at the End of the Isle (Cuba)
  • Those who Talk to the Stones (Costa Rica)
  • A Poem of Nature and Water (Latvia)
  • From Mekong to the Foot of the Hills (Cambodia)

Direction: Alexandre Mostras

Production: Ma Drogue A Moi for Ushuaïa TV

Languages: French, English

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