Under The Pole: Deep Sea Corals of Polynesia 52' 4K by Vincent Pérazio


After becoming the first to film beneath the North Pole and beating records in terms of deep diving in Arctic waters, Ghislain and Emmanuelle Bardout are now heading for the South Pacific to explore the corals of the deep. Aboard the Why, in the company of biologist Laetitia Hédoin, they will study how these reefs function, with the hope of capturing on film the dazzling spectacle of the corals spawning.

Thanks to aerial footage and never-before-seen underwater film gathered during dives of up to 150m in previously unexplored waters, they will reveal this fascinating underwater world. A human adventure at the heart of Polynesian culture, that reveals the evolution of the corals upon which the local population depends for so much.


Direction: Vincent Pérazio

Production: ZED for ARTE France

Genre: Travel & Adventure

Available versions: French, English


International Adventure Film & Book Festival (FIFAV)
Ocean Film Festival World Tour
Official selection
European Festival of Underwater Pictures
Official selection
International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade
Official selection
Festival of Underwater Pictures of Montataire in the Oise region of France
Official selection
Festival International du Film d’Aventure of La Rochelle
Official selection
Official selection
Les Écrans de l'Aventure of Dijon
Official selection
Adventurers of the Sea Festival
Official selection
Image Festival in Normandy
Official selection
Festival la Cité des aventuriers
Official selection

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