Tombs of Egypt: The Ultimate Mission 2x52’ & 2x70' by François Pomès & Anne-Fleur Delaistre


Egyptian constructions are full of unsolved mysteries, and buried vestiges have yet to be discovered. Always looking for new discoveries, Zahi Hawass embarks on a three-month excavation work to unravel some remaining mysteries in Saqqara.

And what he found is astounding: a completely intact burial complex buried deep under the sand at the foot of the pyramid of King Teti. Filled with treasures and exceptional artifacts, the site offers huge potential for Egyptologists.

With exclusive access to this mission, using CGI, 2D computer graphics, 2D and 3D maps, X-ray analyses, along with live footage and interviews of international experts both in the laboratory and in the field, the series shows how the team was able to open each sarcophagus to investigate the mysteries of the necropolis and understand who was buried here, more than 3,000 years ago.


Direction: François Pomès & Anne-Fleur Delaistre

Production: Label News for RMC Découverte

Genre: Science

Available versions: French, English


  • Episode 1: Saqqara and the Forgotten Mummies
  • Episode 2: The Mysterious Egyptian Coffins

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