The Secrets of the Colosseum 90' by Pascal Cuissot & Gary Glassman


Sea battles in the morning and gladiator fights in the afternoon with wild beasts magically appearing in the arena? So says ancient Roman texts, but are these claims militaristic propaganda? A subterranean archaeologist investigates tunnels to see how the Colosseum could be flooded. And architects, engineers, and builders construct a lift and trap door system to attempt the release of a wolf into the most famous amphitheater in the world for the first time in 1500 years.


Direction: Pascal Cuissot & Gary Glassman

Production: ZED for ARTE France and Providence Pictures

Genre: History

Available versions: French, English


Archaeological Film Festival of Amiens
Grand Prize
Festival Internacional de Cine Arqueológico del Bidasoa
Public Award

Screening Room

For professional use only

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