Enough with the mental load! 52' by Claire Denavarre


Revealed by cartoonist Emma's comic book, the concept of mental load has since gone around the world and has taken over our conversations, as it reflects our lifestyles so accurately.

But what exactly does "mental load" mean? Why do 80% of women say they carry it? How does this burden lead some women to burnout? And what does it say about the balance in a couple?

Combining emotion, bitterness and humour, couples testify to their (in)ability to juggle work and domestic tasks. Scenes from everyday life are interspersed with archive footage and stereotypical 1950s commercials. For the first time, this documentary deciphers this 21st century evil, which once again raises the question of equality between men and women.



Réalisation : Claire Denavarre

Production : La Famiglia

Genre: Investigation & Politics

Available versions: French

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