Siberian Odyssey 52' by Nicolas Vanier et Thomas Bounoure


Nicolas Vanier, a passionate explorer of the Great North, took on a bold challenge: to cross the 8,000 km siberian territory by -50°, from east to west, from Lake Baikal to the Red Square in Moscow, traveling with a sled and his ten sled dogs.

In the immense Siberia region, Nicolas introduces us to proud and welcoming people, breathtaking scenery and an untamed and utterly pure environment. This adventure, which sometimes borders on the dangerous, was only possible due to the perfect symbiosis and clear friendship between Nicolas and his team of dogs.

More than an athletic achievement, this expedition is a dream come true and even more, an ode to nature...


Direction: Nicolas Vanier & Thomas Bounoure

Production: MC4 & TF1 Films Production

Genre: Travel & Adventure

Available versions: French, Castellano, German, Russian, English

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