Naturopolis 4x52' by Bernard Guerrini, Isabelle Cottenceau & Mathias Shmitt


A new era is here: welcome to Planet City. The end of 2008 marked a significant shift in the history of humanity - we are now a predominantly urban-living species. Today, every modern metropolis must respond to a fundamental question: how can nature play a central role in their development, which is both ecological and sustainable, and which allows humans to live in harmony, like in an ecosystem?

New York, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Paris are pioneers. Each city is a giant laboratory, experimenting and developing urban ecology, according to its own natural history.

Through their investigation, our characters - scientists, artists, architects and naturalists - will find themselves at the forefront of these major technological and architectural challenges, aiming to create a synergy between city and nature, and working on the process of developing the ingredients for tomorrow’s world.

NATUROPOLIS will dive into the heart of some of the most original urban ideas, those that might ensure the success of a human-created ecosystem. Here lies the great challenge of the 21st century.


Direction: Bernard Guerrini, Isabelle Cottenceau & Mathias Shmitt

Production: DOCSIDE for ARTE France

Genre: Science

Available versions: French, German, English


  • New York, the green revolution
  • The Greening of Paris
  • Rio: From Chaos to Sustainability
  • Tokyo, from megalopolis to garden-city


High School Students Award (Episode : Rio)
Deauville Green Award
Astéria D’Or (Documentary Category) - Episode: New York
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
Official Selection - Episode: New York
International Environment Film Festival of Paris
Official Selection - Episode: New York

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