Lands Across the World 20x26' by Éric Lamy


This series takes us on an exploration of 20 must-see places around the world to discover some exceptional destinations. From the Cook Islands to Louisiana or Quebec, we will uncover one breathtaking landscape after the next. Lands Across the World opens up a wide range of different cultures and traditions, and will immerse us in the daily lives of local peoples. This series combines geography, civilization and heritage, taking us on a world tour of some of the planet’s most beautiful places to discover their natural wonders, historic monuments and artisanal riches.


Genre: Travel & Adventure

Available versions: French, English


  • Paris
  • Cathar Land - Country d'Oc
  • Paths of Compostela
  • The Brittany Coast
  • Provence
  • Loire
  • Quebec
  • New-Zeland
  • Louisiana
  • Switzerland
  • Andalusia
  • Venice
  • Barcelona & the Balearic islands
  • The Seine
  • London
  • Norway
  • The Basque Country
  • Iceland
  • Portugal
  • Brittany islands
  • Islande

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