Jackie without Jack 52' by Patrick Jeudy


“Never, ever, publish them!” What was it Jackie Kennedy wanted to keep secret?

Acclaimed director Patrick Jeudy has access to a series of conversations recorded a few months after her husband’s assassination in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

The young widow was then 34, and she recounts the past like a novel about her dream life with her husband John Kennedy. They are conversations about history, and about her own story – including some very intimate secrets and controversial opinions.

The Lady in Pink was continually driven by a dual purpose: that of molding her own image, whilst managing that of the president. She cannot change the past, so she may as well rewrite it and start to build the legend of JFK.


Direction: Patrick Jeudy

Production: What's Up Films for France Télévisions

Genre: History

Available versions: French, English

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