Islanders, apart together 3x52' 4K by Alexandre Mostras


Faraway, isolated regions, home to millions of cultures, islands invite us to reconnect with our roots, to question our relationship with our territories, our environment and our beliefs. Special repositories of an intangible heritage, their identity can be challenged in a world in full mutation, in a hurry to evolve towards greater efficiency and virtuality.
How do island peoples, deeply attached to their roots, associate tradition and modernity?
From the Caribbean (Haiti) to the Indian Ocean (Madagascar) to the Atlantic Ocean (Newfoundland), the inhabitants of these territories are trying to find their place in a changing world. Through the prism of art and creation, each episode of this series lets us discover an island, its history, its current challenges and its people, resolutely turned towards the future.


Direction: Alexandre Mostras

Production: WINDS for Ushuaïa TV

Genre: Travel & Adventure

Available versions: French, English

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For professional use only

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