The Horseman of Mount Everest 52' by Bernard Germain


Gurmen, a sherpa widely respected for his high-altitude expertise, lives at 4,000 meters in the Himalayan valleys of Nepal. Every day he faces the dangers of the mountain and its treacherous climate. With dreams of a better future, he has a bold idea: to buy a trained horse and rent it to tourists.

First he has to travel across the country, buy a horse, named Karma, and bring it back to his village in good health. During their travel, Karma and Gurmen meet the people who live, work and explore at high altitudes, where mistakes and missteps can have serious consequences. We discover the unique destiny of a man who, through his enterprising spirit, has benefited from the trekking and tourism business in this region of Nepal.


Direction: Bernard Germain

Production: MC4 & Equidia for France Télévisions

Genre: Human Stories

Available versions: French, Castellano, English

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