Femicides 95’ by Lorraine de Foucher & Jérémy Frey


Out of the 87,000 women killed in 2017, 58% were murdered by an intimate partner or family member. Facing this scourge, a French daily newspaper has created an investigation unit within its editorial team to decrypt the mechanism of femicide, in the hope of bringing it to an end.

How can we effectively prevent these crimes? Are the current systems sufficient? How involved are we? And above all, how can we prevent this pattern from repeating?

Through the testimonies of the victims' relatives, but also of the institutions, this film looks back at five emblematic cases of femicides by retracing the evolution of the love relationship, from the first encounter to the murder. A will: to alert on the collective blindness of our society and to provoke a global awareness. Because femicide is everyone's concern.


Direction: Lorraine de Foucher & Jérémy Frey

Production: Bangumi & Le Monde for France Télévisions

Genre: Investigation & Politics

Available versions: French, English

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