Crocodiles in dark waters 52' by Luc Marescot


In Botswana, one predator reigns supreme: the crocodile! These reptiles, among the most unpredictable and dangerous beasts found in Africa, terrorize humans and animals on the banks and boats of the Okavango River.

Few are brave enough to approach them, look them in the eye, or attempt to understand them. Biologists and friends Vince Shaks and Laurent Ballesta take a trip down the mysterious waters of the delta to film these terrifying beasts that can reach almost four meters in length. With no protection, and in the heart of the animals’ lairs, their close encounters with these super-predators give rise to some intense and frightening scenes.

Their trip leads them to discover a unique, incredibly varied and delicately balanced ecosystem. Victims of their reputation, the survival of these crocodiles is now under threat. Just 3,000 of them now share some 100 kilometers of river. The depletion of their numbers has upset the fragile natural balance here, and is now threatening the very survival of local populations.

Vince has already released 400 young crocodiles bred in captivity to help re-establish their numbers, but how many more will it take before the eco-system is stabilized?


Production: What's Up Films

Direction: Luc Marescot

Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, Neutral Spanish, English

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