Climate Change: the Brain Paradox 52' 4K by Raphaël Hitier


We have never been so aware of the risk of collapse due to climate change. And yet, it seems we are unable to make the collective change the situation seems to demand.

How can we explain our collective inertia in the face of the ongoing environmental crisis? Why can’t our brain process global warming?

This scientific investigation decodes the behavioral mechanisms which explain this collective "schizophrenia" through eye-opening experiences.

With a comprehensible approach, the latest advances in neuroscience, behavioral psychology and anthropology will reveal the surprising cognitive bias, contradictions, and fears we harbor when it comes to changing our lifestyles, and may even help us to overcome them.


Direction: Raphaël Hitier

Production: Un film à la Patte for ARTE France

Delivery: November 2021

Genre: Science

Available versions: French, English

Screening Room

For professional use only

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