Social issues 52'

Ecovillages, a daily revolution

What life is imposed on us today? If we continue thus, what future do we reserve the planet?

Alternatives exist, and some have made the choice to live differently, to be less dependent on a system they deem destructive. Neither marginal, not obtuse militants, they want to develop a relationship with society to help it evolve and make raise consciousness that it is possible to live differently.

Matawan, Julia, Achim and Michel live in the four corners of Europe. They’ve each decided, at a key moment in their life, to create or to settle in an ecovillage or eco-site. All are moving towards a same life-philosophy, closer to and more respectful of nature, of others and of themselves.

The film offers an initiatory and critical journey to the heart of these various 'green' communities, each in a different stage of its construction and experience in its operation. If all these ecovillages work in very different ways, yet all those who live in them agree that change will not be driven by Governments, but by civil society.

Direction: Corinne Falhun

Production: Mona Lisa production for Ushuaïa TV

Photo : Ecolieu du Plessis - Eléonore Henry de Frahan

Languages: English

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