Big Screen Splendors 5x45' & 5x26' by Fanny Tondre, Jean Froment, Alice Doyard, Vincent Trisolini


Tracing the footsteps of big screen heroes from New Zealand (« The Lord of the Rings »), to China and its bamboo forests (« Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ») via the Scottish plains of Harry Potter, plunge into extraordinary stories and landscapes. Through each episode, this documentary series takes us to discover a country, a culture, a natural site that was once used as a movie set. A breathtaking escape between myth and reality.


Direction: Fanny Tondre, Jean Froment, Alice Doyard and Vincent Trisolini

Production: Whats’ Up Films and ARTE G.E.I.E.


Genre: Travel & Adventure

Available versions: French, English


Episode 1: On the trail of the Lord of the Rings (New-Zealand)
Episode 2: On the trail of « Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon » (China)
Episode 3: On the trail of Harry Potter (Scotland)
Episode 4: On the trail of Bridget Jones (London)
Episode 5: On the trail of Amélie (Paris)

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