History 90'

WWI: The War of all the French People

August 1918, the Germans retreat and surrender by tens of thousands.

It is not only the French army, seconded by its allies, that is winning, but it is an entire nation.


France at war is also the innumerable crowd of the civilians, the ordinary people, the anonymous... In this first total war, this war of attrition, one must hold on. Each one at their post - mostly women - the workers in the war factories, the bakers in their workshops, the farmers in the fields, the deputies in the parliamentary commissions, the mayors in their communes, everyone is concerned.


This all-archive documentary, made with an original photo-fiction process, delivers a recount of the story with the help of numerous witnesses from the four corners of the territory. A collective approach of the Great War in the rear, which constitutes the completion of a process of modernization and unification of the country, thus opening the way to the post-war society.

Direction: Cédric Condom

Production: Point du Jour, ECPAD & KILHAOM Production for France Télévisions

Languages: French

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