Human Stories 52'

The Last Bedu of Petra & Wadi Rum

Abu Lafi is an old Bedouin from Petra. He comes from the Bdoul community, and is from one of the last families to live in a cave inside the archeological site of Petra.

Classed as a World Heritage Site since 1985, Petra has become Jordan's biggest tourist attraction and provides for Abu Lafi and his family.

But because of the development of tourism, the ancient Bedouin traditions are disappearing. Abu Lafi wants to prevent this from happening.

He will initiate his 9 year old child grand child, Zed, to become a real Bedouin, in the pure traditional style. Being a Bedouin starts with learning to train and mount a camel. Once, he’s learned this, Zed’s challenge will be to set off for Mount Aaron, Petra's highest peak. If he succeeds to the top, Zed will be a true camel-driver, and will thus participate in the safeguarding of the Bedouin tradition of Petra and Wadi Rum.

Direction: Jérôme Raynaud

Production: ZED & TF1

Languages: French, English

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