Investigation & Politics 52'


Almost 60 years ago, a major gas field was discovered in the village of Lacq, at the foot of the Pyrénées mountains. Ignoring warnings about the dangers of gas, the site was put into production...


Lacq gas soon supplies the whole of France, and becomes the flagship of the French petrochemical industry. However, the gas extracted at Lacq is loaded with sulfur dioxide, an extremely toxic chemical compound. Today, local residents and employees are trying to break the silence by calling on the multinationals operating on the site to assume their responsibilities. Their actions are getting increasingly offensive: the residents are fighting a relentless battle in the hope of bringing these companies to justice in order to receive answers and compensation.


Through archive footage, testimonials from residents and employees, and hidden cameras, we witness the powerlessness of the associations in their fight against the companies' dishonesty and the inaction of the Regional Health Agency.

Direction: Thibault Férié

Production: Point du Jour

Languages: French

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