Investigation & Politics 52'


Since several years, the issue of demography has been raising concerns in Mayotte. Many campaigns on birth controls were launched, with the well-known slogan “1,2,3 bass” — meaning “1,2,3 children, that’s enough”!

But things haven’t changed. In 40 years, the population quadrupled. And Mahorais suffer the consequences daily: overcrowded schools, disoriented youth, marginality, and sometimes drug issues or delinquency… Youth no longer rhymes with hope and future.

To grasp these problems, we shall go and meet the island’s mothers who have more than 5 children on average, the teen moms, the school nurses, the midwives. And all those who — whether personally or professionally — are affected by birth control.

Direction: Séline Soula & Romain Fleury 
Production: ZED
Delivery: Spring 2023


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