Investigation & Politics 52'


On the island of Mayotte (overseas department of France), the number of teen pregnancies keeps on increasing. Most young mothers or mothers-to-be are faced with isolation and insecurity. In a society where sexuality and abortion remain taboo, prevention and care are more necessary than ever.


Early pregnancy is the second leading cause to death in the world for teenagers aged 15 to 19. Thus, it is crucial to sensibilize Mahorais teenage girls and to provide perinatal care to underage mothers. However, many fear to consult a doctor or go to a specialized center, especially for those who are undocumented immigrants. We go to meet these young women and the various caregivers – psychologist, doctor, school nurse or midwife – willing and determined to inform, listen and support them with benevolence.


Told by Séline Soula, Young Moms of Mayotte is an intimate and sensitive documentary which, by collecting the words of health professionals and the moving testimonies of teenagers, aims at freeing the word. 

Direction: Séline Soula & Romain Fleury 
Production: ZED for France Télévisions


Languages: French, English

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