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Inside Zuckerberg’s Meta-Brain

This is the story of a Silicon Valley pioneer with the dream to create a “more open and transparent world”, a connected world. Is he an idealistic, or is he powered by a cynical ambition? For the 20th anniversary of Facebook (now Meta), this film lifts the veil on its enigmatic creator.


At the age of 23, he became the youngest billionaire in history. Fascinated by the Roman Empire, he has colonized half the planet through Facebook. In less than two decades, he has earned our trust by claiming to defend free speech. But behind the ideal of “radical transparency”, his empire is based on a surveillance capitalism.

Trump’s election, Brexit, Cambridge Analytica data scandal, fake news and extremist statements, or the Capitol attack have exposed the social network’s drifts. On the other hand, its latest innovation – the metaverse – is far from being as successful as expected… Has Zuckerberg lost control of his machine? We’ll delve into the psychology of the man who shook up social life and politics.


Through the “Zuckerberg Files” – compiling his posts, appearances and declarations, including his public declarations and hearings before the Senate and the European Commission -, and through the interventions of experts, critics and Silicon Valley veterans, this film deconstructs the near mythology of the founder and CEO of Meta.

Direction: Julien Le Bot & Laurent Follea

Production: Nilaya Productions for France Télévisions, Radio Canada, SVT & ZDF

Languages: French, English

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