Investigation & Politics 52' 90'

Inside Zuckerberg’s Meta-Brain

He became one of the most powerful people on the planet before he even turns 40. Now, the social media entrepreneur is going one step further beyond Facebook with his new Holy Grail, the "metaverse", a digital parallel world.

But who is this enigmatic human that dominates so many lives? Is he truly a genius? Is Mark Zuckerberg an idealist or powered by cynical ambition? How did he manage - in less than two decades - to conquer our fears and gain our collective trust?

This film deconstructs the near mythology of Mark Zuckerberg’s rise to the top in the kingdom of social media - and worldwide connectivity. By investigating the psychology of the man and his philosophies, the logic behind the creation of his social network, and the real dangers of surveillance capitalism and the exposition of our notions of intimacy, we’ll craft a fresh perspective on the mysterious founder of Facebook, contrasting for the first time the "radical transparency" that Zuckerberg claims with the opacity that surrounds the man himself. Through the "Zuckerberg Files"- an exhaustive compilation of Mark Zuckerberg’s declarations, appearances and posts, including his public declarations and hearings before the American Senate and the European Commission, experts, critics, Silicon Valley veterans and people who claim to know him will reveal hidden aspects of the man who is omnipresent in our lives, yet completely inaccessible to us.

Direction: Julien Le Bot & Laurent Follea

Production: Nilaya Productions for France Télévisions, Radio Canada, SVT & ZDF

Art Direction: Marianne Jestaz

Delivery: Spring 2023

For the 20th Anniversary of Facebook in 2024

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