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Iron Curtain: Life under Soviet Occupation

In the aftermath of WWII, the countries of Eastern and Central Europe fell into the Soviet camp. How was the USSR able to control these nations? How did it transform the daily lives of its inhabitants to conform to the Soviet model? What resistance did it entail?


Behind the Iron Curtain, we’ll follow the radical transformations and the inner mechanisms of Soviet domination through the eyes of civilians and their occupiers.


Using a range of testimonials of daily life, interviews, new historiography, and archives - home movies, propaganda films and fictions from the era - this documentary series will tell the story of this Sovietization as experienced from the inside, between 1944 and the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961.

  • Ep 1: Taking Control 1944-1948
  • Ep 2: Shaping a Soviet World 1948-1953
  • Ep 3: Crushing the Revolts 1953-1961

Direction: Tania Rakhmanova

Production: ROCHE Productions for ARTE, Radio Canada, National Geographic Channel Eastern Europe, RTS, Histoire TV & SVT

With the support of Creative Europe - Media Programme of the European Union

Languages: French, English

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