Travel & Adventure 52'


“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well,” said Saint-Exupéry’s little prince. In the south of Tunisia, in the immensity of the Sahara, farmer Tahar Mna had decided to plant a palm grove in order to provide a living for his family and ensure the future of generations to come.


But how do you grow an oasis on land that is reputedly infertile and increasingly threatened by global warming? Tahar is not giving up hope: like his ancestors before him, he is determined to grow his palm grove. Through fervor and patience, and with the help of his family and the people of the village, he will try to find the right balance between tradition and innovation to give birth to this new oasis.


This film takes us on a year-long journey through the arid and dazzling expanses of the desert, following in Tahar's footsteps as he strives to preserve the land where he was born.

Direction: Habib Naghmouchin

Production: Point du Jour - Les Films du Balibari & ZED for ARTE France

Languages: French, Arab, English

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