History Investigation & Politics 2x52'


The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or IRGC is the protector of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the military arm of the Supreme Leader. Also known as the Pasdaran, this deep-state mafia comprising 120,000 men has extensive powers, ensuring bloody repression of the people.


No strangers to smuggling and trafficking, the IRGC’s economic empire is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The Supreme Leader Khomeini has allowed the organization to infiltrate the state and its members are now mayors, members of parliament and ministers, cultivating their networks at the highest levels. The IRGC is responsible for Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs, and cultivates not only the art of deterrence, but also a strategy of asymmetrical warfare via the militias and terrorist organizations they finance, arm, and control across the Middle East.


This two-part film, combining the stories of individuals crushed by this ruthless machine with the accounts of political players and IRGC members themselves, reveals the power of a little-known organization that nonetheless holds Iran's fate in its hands.

Direction: Julie Lerat

Production: Program 33 for ARTE

Delivery: End of 2024

Languages: French, English

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