Factual 110’

Rungis, masters of taste

Rungis, a name both famous and mysterious. An astonishing place, a "market" city where more than two million tons of goods are traded every year. Fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, cheese: a horn of plenty. A world apart. An extraordinary place whose figures make us dizzy: 230 hectares, 12,000 employees, open 24 hours a day, 18 million people served, and unstoppable logistics that make it the largest market for fresh produce in the world.

But it is the men and women of Rungis who inspire admiration and respect: they work the hard way, standing out in the cold and in the noise. But these epicureans by nature and by profession are inhabited by respect for the products and pride in feeding others.

An exciting and appetizing dive which, at a time when food security is increasingly questioned, reassures us about our land and its ability to offer us the best products.

Direction: Stéphane Sanchez

Production: Elephant

Languages: French

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